Cliff Hakim founded Inspired Stones. For the past 30 years Cliff has been a career consultant and author (We Are All Self-Employed, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 1994 and 2nd edition 2003) focused on guiding professionals in work-life transition. Cliff’s avocation has been landscaping with a special interest in stone. Starting in November 2012 he began his own “inspired” journey to transition from his vocation to his avocation. Inspired Stones, an outside gallery, officially opened on June 20th, 2013.


Cliff believes deeply in following his passion (and encourages others to do the same), which includes: grappling with defunct ways of thinking and acting that no longer serve his being, challenging himself to explore new possibilities and watching which possibilities bring the most energy for now and the future, working persistently and patiently––moving one step at a time––to thoughtfully shift a stone in place or help a customer understand what truly inspires him or her.


When visitors walk through Inspired Stones, many pause to share their “stone” stories, as though the environment calls to be in touch with self, another human being and the Earth. Our earth is a great stone. Inspired Stones––benches, tables, and art forms––reminds us of its preciousness and beauty.


Please come to visit and share your story…Cliff




Cliff's Inspirational Haiku



January: On priorities…


What matters the most?

To live life purposefully

That’s rock solid



February: On gaining perspective…


Youth can cheat the body

Mid-age pays the dearest price

Due for thoughtful moves



March: On listening to yourself…


Your journey will tell you

Observe, and listen to your heart

One step at a time



April: On awakening from winter…


I swept the place 

All tidy, crocus appear

Next, rabbits hop by



May: On how a woman healed and prolonged her life…


Inoperable sickness

Digging for spirit and life

Stonewall unearthed



June: On feeling fortunate…


Designed for stone work

Visioning and creating so fit

How lucky I am



July: On shifting perspective…


Stone is heavy

A burden…you might think

Imagine wind and willow  



August: On transition, then change…


On a rock plateau

Fight for and follow your dreams

Then a bird takes off



September: On seasons unfolding…


Buds spring to blossom

Summer ushers crisp air and leaves

Fall harvests white flakes



October: On fall meadows…


Reeds tall and crisp

Ribbon sky arks earthward

A Shadow appears



November: On our precious Earth…


Stone laid commonplace

The core to our foundation

Earth is one great stone



December: On reflecting after a snowfall…


Winter cotton balls

Melting as the sun shines

Live now, a fine moment






You give people a sense of beauty, and a place to pause and reflect – the same theme continues to percolate upward in your life.

Valerie Andrews


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