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Q. What is Inspired Stones?

Inspired Stones is an outdoors gallery in harmony with nature. Our focus is to combine art and function in creating benches, tables, and memorials from reclaimed stone, wood, and iron. We also source special stone to enhance landscapes and inspire you.


Q. Where is Inspired Stones located?

You can visit our outdoor gallery, open between May to November (depending upon snow fall) at Tammaro Landscaping, 539 Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call Cliff Hakim, artisan founder: 617.661.1250. We are located just 15 minutes from Portland.


As well, Cliff Hakim is available for consultation in the Boston area. Please call 617.661.1240 with your questions or make a request.


Q. How did Inspired Stones begin?

Cliff Hakim founded Inspired Stones. For nearly three decades Cliff was a career consultant and author (We Are All Self-Employed, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 1994 and 2nd edition 2003) focused on guiding professionals through work-life transition. During this time, Cliff’s avocation was landscaping with a special interest in stone. Starting in November 2012 he began his own “inspired” journey from his vocation to his avocation. Inspired Stones officially opened on June 20th, 2013.


Q. What is the Inspired Stones philosophy? 

Our earth is a great stone. Inspired Stones attempts to remind us of its preciousness and beauty. When visitors walk through Inspired Stones, many pause to reflect and share their “stone” stories, as though the environment calls to be in touch with the self and the interdependence between the self and our precious, beautiful Earth.


Q. Where do you source Inspired Stones reclaimed materials?

Reclaimed materials come from Cliff’s joy for the “hunt” and include many sources: farms - near and far; quarries - mostly family owned and some shut down; antiquing - throughout New England and beyond; leads - from customers, friends, and other seekers.


Q. What makes Inspired Stones inspiring?

Creating with the customer. Watching people light up when they find, or help to develop, the bench, table, or memorial that inspires them. Most customers have the need to talk through their ideas and wishes, tell their stories, and recalibrate their eyes to recognize which piece (s) moves them. This process takes one visit for some, and for others multiple visits over several months.


Q. Who is the Inspired Stones customer?

The Inspired Stones customer is one with a discerning eye and heart aligned with nature, seeking a natural and unique art form that moves their soul, communicates a message, and enhances their environment.


Q. Does Inspired Stones do custom work?

Yes, including benches, tables, and memorials, plus sourcing special stone. To discuss your thoughts, please contact or 617.661.1250.

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