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I envisioned a beautiful and practical backyard granite wall––pin and feather split–– that would provide comfortable seating. I sourced the stone, and with a few other guys set the pieces of granite to build my vision; the wall and two garden benches.


As neighbors visited they told me how much they admired my creation. One neighbor, a landscape architect said, “Wow, that’s inspiring!” I began to collect other stones with unusual shape, color and texture and alas, “Inspired Stones” was born.


Now we build one-of-a-kind benches and tables from reclaimed natural materials: stone, wood, and iron. For example, a memorial bench as a touchstone and celebration of life, or a sculpted fieldstone bench with granite legs now sit in a pine grove along a brook. We also source stone for gardens, courtyards, and entranceways to simply move your soul and bring you joy. One customer for example, purchased “Wing,” a piece of pink and gray, hand-split granite that is contoured and textured to suggest movement, now displayed on the hillside entranceway to his home. For another customer, we sourced a six foot granite post that we drilled from north to south producing a 1 ¼” vertical hole. The vintage piece is vaulted and featured in his business courtyard and used as a fountain.





Our vision is to preserve our Earth and inspire you. We do this by combining our creativity with reclaimed materials to enhance diverse environments. In our every step, Inspired Stones takes care of our Earth as we select reclaimed materials that combine beauty and functionality to build unique benches and tables, and creative memorials. We also provide stone as art, to move your soul and bring you joy. Stone is handled with utmost care to preserve the environment and its patina—beauty that takes a long time to cultivate. You can expect our collaboration to design or find a piece that respects and adds character to your surroundings and pleasure to your daily living.





At out Cape Elizabeth location, prices are tagged on a small-white labels, usually located on the right side of the item. As well, you can stop in at the Tammaro landscape office to ask about pricing or call Cliff Hakim: 617.661.1250.





Tammaro Landscaping can deliver and install your purchase in the Portland Area. The Tammaro delivery and installation fee will be billed separately from your Inspired Stones purchase. Please talk with Cliff Hakim (617.661.1250) or Nick Tammaro (207.632.8208) about this service.

For Boston Area delivery and installation, please talk with Cliff Hakim.


Inspired Stones can do wonders to improve the quality of your life.

John Lang


Inspired Stones Hours


Cape Elizabeth Outdoor Gallery

Inspired Stones at Tammaro Landscaping

539 Ocean House Road (Route 77)

Cape Elizabeth, Maine


Our outdoor gallery is open 24/7 from May to November (depending upon snowfall). During this time artisan-founder Cliff Hakim will be on site for approximately 20 hours per week: Wed., Thurs., Fri., and Sat. Please, call to schedule an appointment: 617.661.1250


Boston Area

Please call Cliff Hakim to discuss your “stone” questions or for a consultation regarding your project: 617.661.1250


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